VisualOn®‘s multimedia technology enables seamless content delivery and playback over a wide range of connected devices supporting multiple platforms (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and more).


VisualOn’s proprietary codecs support industry standard formats such as HEVC, H.264, AAC, and many others. VisualOn’s technology removes the device, OS, and CPU type dependencies for easier deployment of playback across the connected device spectrum. In addition, it provides the appropriate capabilities to integrate with third-party DRM providers, address Audio/Video post-processing, be able to handle meta-data to support integration with Social networks for sharing and support for Ad-insertion as well.


VisualOn’s multimedia framework components and technologies are deployed on eight out of the 10 top handset manufacturers. VisualOn is embedded in over 200 million devices and is the underlying engine that powers some of the world’s most popular streaming services.