Features & Benefits

  • Single development kit supports player development across multiple devices, operating systems, and CPU types
  • Support for multiple content formats to enable delivery to devices without native support
  • Support for multiple streaming protocols with adaptive bit rate profile and resolution switching
  • Comprehensive, player-aware analytics
  • Easy integration with 3rd party DRM engines, including off-the-shelf PlayReady solution
  • Support for Ad insertion with capabilities to allow for in-stream Ad playback
  • Modular architecture can be easily integrated into content delivery application and enables custom protocols
  • Enables development of multimedia player that removes device, operating system, and protocol dependencies
  • Enables delivery of uniform and compelling viewer experiences across multiple end-points
  • Efficient implementation: small memory footprint and runtime memory usage
  • Scalable deployment thanks to single software codebase
  • Unprecedented performance and reliability across all targeted devices
  • Solution enables accelerated time to market, lower cost of deployment and support
  • OnStream®  MediaPlayer+

    OnStream MediaPlayer+ is a multimedia player development kit enabling cross-platform content delivery and playback on connected devices including mobile handsets, tablets, desktops, connected set-top boxes, and smart TVs. OnStream MediaPlayer+ enables the development of both enterprise and consumer grade applications to meet the latest trends in high-quality video and audio delivery and playback on a multitude of connected devices.

    The OnStream MediaPlayer+ toolkit includes a set of highly optimized multimedia codecs for the most popular device formats as well as a set of streaming protocols supporting a range of media servers. OnStream MediaPlayer+ now extends support for 360 video and Virtual Reality Gear to enable a truly experiential immersive experience. OnStream builds upon market-proven technology that currently powers global streaming media, OTT and TVE applications, and VisualOn’s technology also enables device manufacturers and currently powers over 200 million mobile devices, streaming devices and set top boxes on the market.