Features & Benefits

  • Real time analytics onscreen overlay
  • Cloud based analytics storage, aggregation for batch analysis and reporting
  • Web based dashboard visualization for offline diagnosis
  • Seamless integration in OSMP+ for cross platform support
  • Collects A/V player events for Network, Player, Device and Framework analytics
  • Helps OTT/TVE service providers rapidly address issues to reduce subscriber churn
  • Easy to integrate with App and launch across multiple platforms. Only one function call.
  • Consistent metrics across all platforms
  • Enables measurement and tracking of audio/video playback quality of service
  • Help with pre launch player optimization.
  • Supports post launch monitoring
  • OnStream┬« Analytics
    Accurate Analytics for Improved Video Playback Experience

    OnStream® Analytics Foundation is designed to address the need of multimedia content Service Providers and Operators to measure and track audio/video playback quality of service (QOS) at the client endpoint. VisualOn is uniquely positioned to provide accurate and timely event-based analytics data that can be leveraged for analysis and reporting of not only QOS data but also user behavior. OnStream Analytics Foundation provides both real-time on-screen analytics overlay, as well as cloud-based storage, aggregation and dashboard analysis and includes web-based visualization for off-line diagnosis. A data export functionality facilitates a path for easy integration with other third party analytics tool provider.


    Operators and service providers implementing Over-The-Top (OTT) and TV-Everywhere (TVE) services are interested in maintaining their QOS levels across all supported device end-points and under varying network conditions. OnStream Analytics Foundation collects audio and video events for network, player, device, and media framework analytics. The analytics data can be used to identify video quality issues related to content loading, buffering, playback resolution, frame drops, Codec errors, video jitter, and many others.