Features & Benefits

  • Cross-platform support
  • Supports a wide range of Video Ad formats
  • VOD, Live content support
  • Supports client-side and sever-side Ad insertion
  • Supports 3rd party Ad SDK
  • Supports multiple tracking systems
  • Supports multiple streaming protocols
  • Seamless transition from Ad-content or Ad-Ad
  • Integration with OSMP+
  • Robust Ad specific API for tracking, verification
  • Facilitates monetization across multi-screen platforms
  • Provides flexibility and freedom of choice through support for different flows, formats, and 3rd party Ad SDK and tracking systems
  • Flexible architecture extending single OSMP+ player capability to support multiple urls
  • Separate Ad API eases integration with applications and launch across multiple platforms
  • OnStream┬« AdFlow to provide enhanced Ad playback for OTT multiscreen services

    OnStream® AdFlow provides standards based Ad insertion and playback support for Over-The-Top (OTT) and TV-Everywhere service providers to facilitate monetization of their offering across multi-screen platforms. OnStream AdFlow interfaces seamlessly with OnStream Multimedia Platform+ (OSMP+) in support of Ad insertion, playback and tracking. It features a unique architecture in support of smooth transitions for Content-to-Ad, Ad-to-Content, or Ad-to-Ad as well as support for intelligent client-side Ad break and seek management to maximize Ad revenue and business return.


    OnStream AdFlow supports VMAP and VAST formats for Ad stitching and tracking. VOD Ad and Ad POD insertion for pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll is supported. As is pre-roll and post-roll for Live and linear content. 3rd party Ad SDK and tracking systems are also supported.